Everything Under The Tricare Drug Rehab Coverage

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Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a common problem nowadays. People often started doing drugs and alcohol as a means of fun and relaxation and later feel health, mind, and many more issues. This is a very serious problem that more than fifty percent of the population around the world faces. Dealing with such a problem is crucial, but it is costly.

Several rehabs are present out there that take in patients who feel addiction problems and treat them properly. These rehabs are costly, but the services they provide make that cost justifiable. There are also several insurance policies for such addicted patients. Such policies can take to cover up their rehab expenditure and also health care treatment with sand plans.

The Tricare drug rehab coverage is a huge benefit for such patients. Now, in this article, we shall see in detail about this plan and what it covers.

What areas does the plan cover?

In the following areas of the article, we shall discuss all the things that the plan covers. 

Briefly stated, the Tricare drug rehab coverage includes the following areas:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment
  • Drug and Alcohol Detox
  • Medication-assisted treatment along with partial hospitalization
  • Residential treatment

Impatient Treatment Coverage:

TRICARE patients must face a mental or physical health-related emergency linked or caused due to addiction requiring immediate hospitalization for the Tricare rehab plan to cover up the expense.

Patients facing addiction problems requiring emergency hospitalization in any nearest inpatient treatment centres. From there they get overall expenses covered by the Tricare drug rehab coverage.

This plan also covers non-emergency care only if the patients opt for care from one of the qualified treatment centres.  

Outpatient Treatment Coverage:

For the Tricare rehab plan to cover up this type of expense, the patient must face active addiction problems. But, it does not need immediate hospitalization and all the time care in a hospitalized setting. In such scenarios, the patients do not require prior authorization before seeking out Tricare drug rehab coverage expenses. 

People suffering from substance abuse and those transferring from inpatient treatment centre are also eligible for the plan’s availing. This plan also covers the treatment of several co-occurring disorders like mental health disorders and so on.

Detoxication of drug and alcohol:

Several or rather, most of the Tricare rehab plans cover drugs and alcohol detoxication as well. These detoxication treatments are only covered if done from a qualified medical centre. Medical care, along with the rest of the medications used for controlling the withdrawal symptoms, falls under the Tricare drug rehab coverage

After a patient enrols in an inpatient or outpatient care program, the drugs and alcohol detox coverage start in the Tricare plan.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Coverage:

  • Several patients require continued medications and medical therapies and help after the care program ends. For such cases, the Tricare rehab plan covers all such expenses. 
  • These include mental health therapies, medications for prevention against withdrawal and discourage relapse, etc.
  • Since this part of the plan does not fall under emergency health issues. So the plan requires you to get prior authorization before activating this. 

Sober Living House Coverage:

  • This part of the plan falls under the partial hospitalization course of the plan. This program helps the patients to achieve recovery along with receiving medical support services. 
  • This plan is for 24 hours a day but for helping the patients time to time to receive sober housing environment a develop relapse prevention skills.
  • Patients who show or exhibit an inability to achieve and maintain recovery with outpatient services can avail of this plan. This intensity of impairment that is brought forth by addiction can interfere with the person’s everyday life and functions. That is why this plan allows the patients to active partial hospitalization and cover up their sober living houses.

In Conclusion:

Drug and alcohol addiction is a severe problem. Many people face this problem and need proper help against such issues. The Tricare drug rehab is a plan that helps these patients face these problems head-on and get rid of them without having to worry about the charge.



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